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Oct. 29, 2011--Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Buddy Roemer spoke at the Coffee Party USA's "Enough Is Enough: Citizens Intervention."
Partial transcript of Roemer's remarks:

I'm the only guy running for president that takes no PAC money, will not allow a super PAC.  I'm the only guy running for president that has a hundred dollar limit.  Now maybe that's why you never heard of me, okay?  I know money's important to politicsxxI want it.  But here's my pledge; here's my pledge.  My average contribution is $64.45.  I've got it from every state in America. 

I live in New Hampshire now and I'm taking it to the Republican Party.  Now I'm a proud Republican, but I'm a prouder American.  And I think this country's in trouble, I think this country's in trouble, and people ask me all the time what in one word is the problem with America?  I'll give it to you.  It's corruption. 

It's corrupt when a big corporation can give $4.3 million to the Democrats and Republicans and pay no taxes.  You know who did that?  GE.  They were the largest corporate contributor to the politicians four years ago.  You know who the second largest was?  Goldman Sachs.  And I want them, I mean I watch President Obama come to office with hope, and it's the same old thing, except he's just raised the stakes; it's a billion dollars now.  And most of it comes from Wall Street and the big corporations.

 You know I'm the only candidate that went down to Occupy Wall Street a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't give a speech, I didn't give a speech; it wasn't about me.  I went to listen.  I believe in young people.  I believe in America.  And I think the dadgum politicians ought to get off their high horse and listen to the American people...