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Mission: To provide a framework for citizens to follow the presidential campaign, to point people to the best available resources and information on the campaign, and to present original reporting and photography on the campaign. 

Independent Work on Presidential Campaigns Since 1992

Great professors at The George Washington University, where I graduated with a B.A. in political communication summa cum laude, were critical my understanding of the presidential campaign process.  While at GW, I organized an exhibit at Gelman Library on the 1992 campaign, and I started working on my Field Guide to the 1992 Presidential Campaign CD-ROM.  Next, under contract, I developed the content for a CD-ROM on the 1996 presidential campaign, in conjunction with WMUR-TV.  I started online in May 1998 with the P2000 website and have continued with the P2004, P2008 sites and now this P2012 website.  I have also earned a certificate in graphic and web design from the CDIA at Boston University in Washington, DC. 

Previous editions of this site have been built and hosted on The George Washington University server (it was known to many as "the GW site").  This cycle I've moved it off the GW site, but am continuing the work of DEMOCRACY IN ACTION as I have for almost two decades. The objective remains the same: to help citizens, ranging from ordinary voters to campaign operatives to journalists, to navigate through the convoluted process that is the American presidential campaign.

One question I get asked frequently is "is there a partisan or ideological leaning to my work?"  Simply put, no.  My work has focused on understanding and documenting campaigns.  I'm interested in how political entities from across the spectrum are communicating their ideas.  I seek to understand what works and what does not.  My particular interest or bias is visual aspects of political communications—images that resonate.  I have no connection any partisan or ideological groups or websites; please do not confuse my work with that of other groups. 

Much has changed over the past two decades. In the old days, campaigns used to distribute biographical videocassetes; now they seek to attract and mobilize supporters through various social media.  The fundamental goal of any political campaign remains the basically same: to persuade voters to vote for their candidate or cause. 

It is my aim, resources permitting, that this site will help you to better understand and engage the presidential process, as have the sites I have run since May 1998.  In past DEMOCRACY IN ACTION has been entirely funded out of pocket at considerable sacrifice.  This cycle, due to changing financial circumstances, I am looking for small contributions and sponsor to continue DEMOCRACY IN ACTION.  It's easy!  See how here.

Vote America
Photodog on the Trail, 1996

P2004 W & the Dems, 2004 Campaign



Exhibit: Obama on the cover: The first year.
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