Steele for Chair

We Are Better, Stronger & Prouder

A Partnership to 2012, Our Path to 270.

We've got a big job to do and thanks to you, the American people, 2010 was a watershed year for Republicans and our conservative, limited-government movement. We elected 63 new members to take control of the House; 13 new Senators setting the stage for a 2012 attack; and more than 690 new state legislators. We achieved that in part because we adhered to two important principles: consistency and inclusion. Together, we have laid the framework for winning the White House. It is a clear goal -- 270 electoral votes.

We fired Pelosi so let's increase our resources and strength to take back the Senate, elect new governors, and ultimately a principled Republican leader to serve as President of the United States. United, we can make a difference for America and its future.


There is no "I" in Team. True leadership requires a group of dynamic people who are willing to collaborate and implement winning strategies for achieving victory. We must forge forward with an infrastructure that is governed by the collective voices of the 168, and its subcommittees. We will achieve victory by:


Consistent and Inclusive Sharing of all Resources

RNC Technology, Research, Voter Vault, Volunteer and Coalitions Databases and Surrogates will be shared consistently with every state committee in an effort to win a presidential election and new gubernatorial seats.

The resources of the RNC come from our donors and volunteers across the country. Those volunteers and donors reside in each of the 50 states and territories. Collectively we secured over $179 million, 37% more than the DNC in the 2006 cycle. However, the political landscape has changed and the RNC must dramatically increase fundraising for the 2012 cycle. We will do so by continuing to build our unmatched small donor operation and augmenting it with an expanded major donor operation.

Expand our Success with RNC's Unmatched Small Donor Operation

Build Resources through a Revitalized Major Donor Program


Our sole focus is to provide a healthy infrastructure for our Presidential Nominee in 2012.

This new political environment made us stronger, better and prouder of our ability to connect with the American voter through new candidates, the emerging strength of the Tea Party movement, new technologies, contributions of conservative 527's; a growing Hispanic population and youth attractiveness to the GOP. As such, in partnership, we will continue to build our foundation through consistent and inclusive activity that means neutrality for our presidential nominee and strengthens our ground game to victory through: