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Nov. 4, 2011--Americans for Prosperity Foundation held its fifth Defending the American Dream Summit at the Washington Convention Center on Nov. 4 and 5.  Former Gov. Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani addressed the opening session.  In addition to the speeches there were breakout sessions and exhibits.
AFP advocates for "public policies that champion the principles of entrepreneurship and fiscal and regulatory restraint."
Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Prosperity Foundation, said in his remarks at the opening session that the "Occupy" movement is based on "class warfare and unrestrained envy."  "They possess a vehement hatred of free enterprise and capitalism," Phillips said. 

Seeking to counter the AFP event, a range of progressive groups led by Health Care for America Now and The Other 98% staged an “Occupy the Kochs Guerrilla Drive-In” on Friday evening.  Unfortunately, according to reports, matters got out of hand and there were some incidents of violence and several people sustained injuries.