Newt Gingrich Holds Open House at Campaign Headquarters   
Aug. 30, 2011--Three months after the implosion of his campaign organization, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is very much in the race.  Gingrich outlined the progress of his campaign at an open house at his headquarters in Arlington, VA.  Gingrich said he will be on the road 24 days in the month of September.  Coming off his strong showing in the Ames debate, he is looking forward to more solid performances in a string of debates in the month.  Gingrich said he is running a different kind of campaign, reaching out to groups not traditionally seen as Republicans.  He noted that he is addressing non-political issues such as Alzheimer's and autism that affect millions of families.  He also said that his campaign is making significant headway in reducing its debt.
On a lighter note, Callista Gringich's children's book Sweet Land of Liberty, featuring Ellis the Elephant with illustrations by Susan Acriero, is due out in the later part of September (Regnery Publishing).