Former Gov. Jon Huntsman Delivers a Major Speech on Restoring Trust
Dec. 8, 2011--Declaring, "We must save capitalism from crony capitalism," former Gov. Jon Huntsman delivered a major speech on restoring trust at the National Press Club.  Huntsman said that as important as the economic deficit facing our country is the "trust deficit."  Huntsman presented seven proposals to address this trust deficit: (1) reform the tax code, (2) address the debt, including entitlement programs, (3) end "too big to fail," (4) adopt a comprehensive energy strategy, (5) streamline regulations, (6) bring our troops home from Afghanistan, and (7) enact a Citizen Legislature Act, including term limits and limitations on lobbying.  [press release]

Huntsman has discussed most or all of these ideas before, but the framing device of the "trust deficit" is new.  Huntsman has seemed to be struggling for relevance for much of his campaign, but voters could be ready to take another look at his candidacy given the succession of candidates who have experienced sharp rises and falls in the campaign.  Indeed, Huntsman said his efforts in New Hampshire are paying off.  He defined the race as being between a panderer-in-chief, a lobbyist-in-chief, and a commander-in-chief.

Note: The National Press Club offered Huntsman the opportunity of a full luncheon, as it has done for other candidates (most recently Herman Cain and Ron Paul), but the Huntsman campaign wanted a quick turnaround time, and the Club was able to put this event together in 48 hours.  Huntsman was in town for the Republican Jewish Coalition forum yesterday and is heading back to New Hampshire for a town hall in Milford.