Tim Pawlenty After His Appearance on NBC News' "Meet the Press"
July 10, 2011--Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) appeared on NBC News' "Meet the Press" as part of their "Meet the Candidates" series.  Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner preceded Pawlenty on the program, talking about the economy and debt ceiling negotiations.  Host David Gregory opened his interview with Pawlenty by asking some questions on those subjects.  Pawlenty said that Obama was "blaming President Bush, blaming the weather, blaming the Republicans" for the state of the economy.  "We're almost three years into this administration," Pawlenty said.  "President Obama should look in the mirror to see who's to blame for the economy in its current state, and it's not doing well."  The interview ranged from state of Pawlenty's campaign to foreign affairs to gay marriage. 
However, it was Pawlenty's attack on fellow Minnesotan and presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann that seemed sure to draw the most attention.

Pawlenty stated, "[H]er record of accomplishment in Congress is nonexistent.  It's nonexistent.  And so we're not looking for folks who, you know, just have speech capabilities, we're looking for people who can lead a large enterprise in a public setting and drive it to conclusion.  I've done that, she hasn't.

Michele Bachmann Responds to Gov. Pawlenty's Comments on "Meet the Press"

Des Moines, Iowa - Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has issued the following statement in response to Governor Tim Pawlenty's comments on "Meet the Press:"

"This is an election about the future of our nation - one where voters will have to decide who is best equipped to lead our nation by looking at our records, as well as our vision for the nation. Instead of negativity, I want to focus on my accomplishments.

"I have fought the cap-and-trade agenda, rather than implement it, and I will work to end cap-and-trade as President of the United States. I stood up against President Obama's support of the $700 billion bailout rather than defend it.

"I was a leading voice, fighting against Obamacare and the unconstitutional individual mandates; I did not lift my voice in praise of it. My message brought tens of thousands of Americans to Washington D.C. to oppose Obamacare. As President I will not rest until Obamacare is repealed. And I will not vote to raise the debt ceiling.

"People can count on me as a fighter; I am proud of my record of fighting with resolve, and without apology, for our free markets, for sane fiscal policies, and in opposition to the advancement of the big government left. As President, the American people can count on me to stand by my record of advancing pro-growth policies to put our nation back on the right track."