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Members Choose Wisconsin State Chair to Lead Party into the 2012 Elections
January 14, 2011--RNC Committeemen Ron Kaufman (MA) and Solomon Yue (OR).
RNC Committeeman Steve Scheffler (IA) with former Iowa GOP Chairman Brian Kennedy.
RNC Committeewoman Priscilla Rakestraw (DE) is the longest-serving member (she started as Committeewoman in March 1975).
RNC Committeeman Mike Duncan (KY), who served as RNC Chairman during the 2008 cycle and is chairman of American Crossroads, talks with Director of Strategy Bill Steiner.

RNC Chief of Staff Mike Leavitt (back to camera) and Deputy Chief of Staff Kevin Igoe.
RNC redistricting consultant Dr. Thomas Hofeller.

Candidates and Campaigns: Steele, Wagner, Cino, Anuzis, Priebus.
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The New Chairman Takes Charge: a, b.