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Members Choose Wisconsin State Chair to Lead Party into the 2012 Elections
January 14, 2011--Voting, Round 4.  John Sununu, the outgoing New Hampshire GOP Chairman, casts his vote.

Round 4
Results of the fourth ballot:

Priebus 58 (+4), Cino 29 (+1), Steele 28 (-5), Wagner 28 (-4), Anuzis 24 (+3).  1 other.

Much activity in the corridor.... 
Ann Wagner rushes out of the Hall visibly upset and heads into a nearby room.
After a while Matt Schlapp, manager of Maria Cino's campaign, is walking by and checking his messages...as Wagner and Steele emerge. 

Anuzis is also active, talking with Ray Wagner and then going into a huddle with his supporters.

At about 3:55 p.m. Steele announces, "I will step aside because I think the party is ready for something different."  He releases his supporters, but asks them to vote for Maria Cino.

Candidates and Campaigns: Steele, Wagner, Cino, Anuzis, Priebus.
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The New Chairman Takes Charge: a, b.