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Randall Terry Annouces Campaign for Dem. Nomination

Aims to Run Graphic Ads During the Super Bowl in January 2012  ...1 of 4 >
January 20, 2011--Pro-life activist Randall Terry announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President in front of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  Terry's objective is not so much to defeat President Barack Obama as it is to "run ads on the Super Bowl in 2012 that show dead babies, the victims of abortion."  "We will with the help of God bring America face to face with the victims of Obama's policies," Terry stated.  His premise is that stations are required by federal law to broadcast advertisements by qualified federal candidates, unless the ads violate copyright or are defamatory.  "Every social revolution that has been victorious—the end of slavery, women's voting rights, end of child labor, end of segregation—they all used incindiary images to awaken the conscience of the nation," Terry said in an interview.  "I am following that playbook to be victorious in making child-killing illegal."  Terry said he has a goal of winning in Iowa, and plans to make his first visit there in mid-March.  Terry, acccompanied by his wife and young children, was introduced by Missy Reilly Smith and Rabbi Yehuda Levin.  [transcript]
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