Americans Elect Pulls the Plug
May 17, 2012--Closed for business.*  Americans Elect, which sought to open up the presidential election process by offering voters a third credible choice on the November ballot, announced today that its primary process has concluded without a qualified candidate.  Americans Elect had sought to achieve ballot access in all 50 states and choose its nominee through an online convention; its nominee would have been required to choose a running mate of another party.

Americans Elect did achieve ballot access in 29 states (+), but the group was not able to attract a big-name candidate.  The most prominent figures to seek the Americans Elect nomination were former Gov. Buddy Roemer and former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson.  Americans Elect drew criticism from the outset for a lack of transparency in its finances, and some who participated as delegates criticized it for an approach that was top down and unresponsive rather than truly democratic. 

*Although Americans Elect's statement says that it has "achieved its operational goals" and that it will continue its mission, it is difficult to see how the organization has much of a future given the disappointing outcome of its efforts.  It remains to be seen whether activists in some states might attempt to use Americans Elect ballot lines.