Obama Campaign "Day of Action"
July 28, 2012--It is a Saturday morning with 101 days to go until November 6, Election Day.  Robert Mack, Mount Vernon precinct team leader for the Obama campaign (center in white tee shirt), greets volunteers arriving at a home in the Del Ray section of Alexandria, VA for a "nationwide day of action" as part of the campaign's "It Takes One" initiative.  Alexandria is a solid Democratic voting area, but it has a high population turnover, about 45% every five years, or more than twice the national average.  Voters may be ineligible if they have moved since they last voted.  
In a short training session, Mart Larson goes through the voter registration form and explains the importance of having the voter fill in the entire form. 
Some volunteers stayed inside and did persuasion calls. 
The campaign planned more than 300 such events throughout the Commonwealth on this day.