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April 15, 2012--The Obama campaign opened its 13th office in Virginia, located at 2408 Columbia Pike in Arlington.  The space is roughly 2,000 square feet on an eight-month lease.  Although it is not near the Metro, the bus stops right out front and there is parking.  It also has a handicap accessible bathroom.

Virginia, which the Obama-Biden ticket carried in 2008 by 234,527 votes out of 3.7 million cast (6.29 percentage points), is sure to be a fiercely contested state in Fall 2012.  Obama's win in 2008 marked the first time the Democratic ticket had carried the state since Lyndon Johnson in 1964.  The Obama campaign is calculating that its strong ground game will carry the day.  The campaign reports that it has done more than 9,000 events around the state since the campaign launched in April 2011.  The number seems impossibly high, but a look at the events section of the campaign's website underscores the point.  For example, on April 16, the page lists 25 events comprising 16 phone banks, 5 voter registration drives, and 4 meetings. 

Arlington County, which is ranked one of the best educated counties in the country, is a Democratic stronghold.   In the 2008 presidential race, Obama-Biden received 71.71% to 27.12% for McCain-Palin of 110,153 total votes cast here.
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