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April 28, 2012--It is still 192 days until Election Day, November 6, but the Obama campaign is hard at work in Northern Virginia, an area critical to its prospects in this key state.  Volunteers gathered at the campaign's recently opened office on Columbia Pike in Arlington for a "day of action."  Their objective, said regional field director Aaron Rosenberg, was to "flood the Pike."  After hearing from several speakers including U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), volunteers headed out to high traffic areas along this major thoroughfare to update registrations of people who, for example, have moved, as well as to register new voters.  Obama for America Operation Vote national director Michael Blake estimated that a total of about 1,500 people were participating in similar actions around the state as part of the "day of action."
Volunteers arrive.  Some carpooled over from Washington, DC after meeting at DNC headquarters.
The voter registration guide states, "The goal is not to knock on as many doors as possible, it is to have as many conversations as possible-talk to everyone you see around you."
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