Former Gov. Buddy Roemer Speaks on Corruption at DC Event
March 22, 2012--Former Gov. Buddy Roemer and former lobbyist Jack Abramoff spoke about corruption at an event hosted by the Committee for the Republic.  Trevor Potter (at left), president of the Campaign Legal Center and  former chairman of the FEC, moderated the discussion.  
Roemer, now seeking the Americans Elect nomination as an Independent (+), has made the corrupting influence of money in Washington the centerpiece of his campaign. He has limited contributions to $100, arguing that that will allow him to be "free to lead."  Roemer spoke passionately about "the tyranny of the big check."  He outlined six steps he would seek to implement: full disclosure, 48-hour reporting, prohibiting lobbyists from participating in fundraisers, requiring that the maximum PAC contribution be less than the maximum individual contribution, ending super PACs, and imposing criminal penalties for those who violate these measures.  Roemer said if elected he would make his first priority passing a measure on campaign reform, House Bill 1.  "Nothing else moves" until it gets done, he stated.
At this stage Roemer looks to be a, or the, leading contender for the Americans Elect nomination.  Individuals with significant experience in office need "Support Clicks" from 1,000 American Elect delegates in each of 10 different states to qualify as candidates for the Americans Elect primary.  Carlos Sierra, Roemer's campaign manager, said the campaign will be preparing video responses to the Americans Elect Platform of Questions soon.  Roemer said almost as an aside that his vice presidential pick will create a bit of a stir.   Roemer said he is building a coalition to try to get to the 15-percent polling level required for participation in the fall debates.  "Both parties will do everything they can to keep me out of the national debate," he said.
Charles B. Norwood is lead for the Americans Elect District of Columbia Draft
Committee to Nominate Buddy Roemer in 2012.  He notes, "Having never once voted for a Republican-affiliated candidate, I found Gov. Buddy Roemer's message of campaign and tax reform in tandem with Congressional term limits, clearly and succinctly articulated the steps necessary to right the ship of state."