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August 4, 2012--As part of the "Super Saturday" weekend push, RNC Victory and the Romney campaign held an event at their office at 3811 Fairfax Drive in Arlington, VA.  This office opened in June, and with 94 days until Election Day, there are currently 28 Victory offices around the state.  Virginia Victory spokesman Michael Short said the Republican effort will be "the largest GOP ground game in Virginia history...easily three times the size of the Victory effort that carried Bob McDonnell to victory in 2009."  He said that since Obama won Virginia in 2008, "Republicans have outperformed Democrats up and down the ballot."  In 2009 they elected Gov. Bob McDonnell and took back the House of Delegates.  In 2010 Republicans defeated three Democratic congressmen (Boucher, Ney, and Periello).  And, in 2010 they expanded their majority in the House of Delegates and took back the Senate.  "We're building on what we know worked," Short said.  "We have a winning formula, and more resources than ever before behind it," he said.  Short said the Victory effort would match Obama's campaign "door knock for door knock, phone call for phone call and volunteer for volunteer."