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(Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Idaho Secretary of State)
Total Resident Population, July 1, 2012 est.
Total Registration, Nov. 6, 2012
   895,834 (includes 117,861 Election Day registrants)
Idaho has: 44 counties.
Five largest counties: Ada, Canyon, Kootenai, Bonneville, Bannock. >

Governor: C.L. "Butch" Otter (R) elected 2006; re-elected 2010.
State Legislature: Idaho Legislature   House: 70 seats  Senate: 35 seats
Local: Counties and Cities... NACO Counties
U.S. House: 2R - 1. R.Labrador (R) | 2. M.Simpson (R).
U.S. Senate: James E. Risch (R) elected in 2008; Michael Crapo (R) re-elected in 2010. 
2012 U.S. House:  In the 1st CD freshman Rep. Raúl Labrador (R) defeated retired NFL wide receiver Jimmy Farris (D) by 63.0% to 30.8% with LP of Idaho chair Rob Oates (L) and Pro-Life (I) rounding out the field.  In the 2nd CD Rep. Mike Simpson (R) defeated former state Sen. Nicole LeFavour (D) by 65.1% to 34.8%.
State Legislature: Republicans maintained huge majorities in both chambersAll 70 House seats and all 35 Senate seats were up; the balance stayed at House 57R, 13D and Senate 28R, 7D. 
Ballot Measures:  Voters approved two constitutional amendments and defeated three referendum questions. 

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The Gem State
2012 General Election -- Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Voting Eligible Population*: 1,094,490.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 60.9%.

Total Registration:

164,197 (24.6%) of the 666,290 ballots cast were absentee.

Official Results >

Anderson/Rodriguez (Ind.)
Goode/Clymer (Con.)
Johnson/Gray (Lib.)
Obama/Biden (Dem.)
+Romney/Ryan (Rep).
Stein/Honkala (Grn.)

Total ballots cast: 666,290.
74.38% of 895,834 registered voters.
Overview: The Romney/Ryan ticket gained a solid plurality of 208,124 votes (31.91 percentage points), carrying 42 counties to two for Obama (Blaine and Latah).  There were a few visits.  Mitt Romney did a fundraiser in Sun Valley on Aug. 3 and Ann Romney did a fundraiser in Meridian (suburb west of Boise) on Sept. 27.  The Libertarian candidates made three visits to Boise: Gary Johnson did a meet and greet on Aug. 6 and a rally on Oct. 29, and Jim Gray spoke at the H.O.P.E Fest on Sept. 30.
Obama  |  (Romney)
[State Primary: May 15, 2012]
Republicans: Presidential Caucus -- Tuesday, March 6, 2012
(Presidential Preference Primary -- Tuesday, May 15, 2012)
On March 31, 2010 Gov. Otter signed House Bill 652, the election consolidation bill, which among its many provisions stated, "The presidential preference primary shall be held in conjunction with the primary election, on the third Tuesday in May of each presidential year."  Republicans opted to hold a caucus on March 6 (Super Tuesday).
31 Delegates and 2 Alternates.

32 Delegates: 3 RNC; 23 at-large; 6 by CD (3 x 2) and 29 alternates. 
1.40% of the 2,286 Delegates.

The Idaho Republican Party reported that over 44,000 Idaho Republicans participated.  Mitt Romney won over 50% of the County delegates and was, according to the rules, awarded all 32 delegates.  More

General Election -- Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Voting Eligible Population*: 1,034,402.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 63.3%.

Total Registration: 861,869.

Official Results >

Baldwin/Castle (Const.)
Barr/Root (Lib.)
+McCain/Palin (Rep.) 403,012
Nader/Gonazalez (Indep.) 7,175
Obama/Biden (Dem.) 236,440

Total ballots cast: 667,506.
77.5% of 861,869 registered voters.
2008 Overview
The McCain-Palin ticket easily won Idaho's four electoral votes, gaining a plurality of 166,572 votes (25.43 percentage points).  McCain carried 41 counties to three for Obama (Blaine, Latah and Teton).  Of note, Sarah Palin was born in Sandpoint, ID, although she moved with her parents to Alaska at age 3 months.
Obama/Allies  |  McCain/Allies  Nader

General Election -- Tuesday, November 2, 2004
Voting Eligible Population: 946,160.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 63.2%.

Total Registration: 798,015.
Official Results

Badnarik/Campagna (Lib.)
+Bush/Cheney (Rep.)
Kerry/Edwards (Dem.) 181,098 (30.26)
Peroutka/Baldwin (Const.) 3,084
Nader/Camejo (w/in)

612,786 ballots cast, an increase of 18.6% over 2000.
2004 Overview
As in 2000, the Bush-Cheney ticket secured a huge plurality of 228,137 votes (38.13 percentage points).  In 33 of 44 counties Bush gained 70 percent of the vote or more.  Kerry, who has a vacation home in Ketchum, did win in Blaine County; he also came relatively close (50-48) in Latah County in northern Idaho. 
General Election Details

General Election -- Tuesday, November 7, 2000
Voting Eligible Population: 877,406.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 57.2%.

Total Registration: 728,085.

Official Results

Browne/Olivier (Lib.)
Buchanan/Foster (Ref.)
+Bush/Cheney (Rep.)
Gore/Lieberman (Dem.)
Hagelin/Goldhaber (NLP)
Phillips/Frazier (Const.)
Ralph Nader (w/in)

Ballots cast / Total number of registered voters
516,647 / 728,085 = 70.96%


2000 Overview
No surprises as the Bush-Cheney ticket trounced Gore-Lieberman with a plurality of 198,300 votes (39.53 percentage points).  Bush carried every county except Blaine.  (County Commissioner Len Harlig explains: "Blaine County is the anomaly in the State.  [It] has the highest per capita income in the State.  It is home to the world-famous Sun Valley ski resort...").  The state did get one brief visit by principals during the fall campaign; on Sept. 18 Dick and Lynne Cheney participated in an airport welcome rally/RNC Victory 2000 event during a refueling stop in Idaho Falls, before heading to Seattle.  Former First Lady Barbara Bush and DNC National Chair Joe Andrew also visited.

1992 and 1996 General Elections

Bush (Rep.)...........202,645 (42.03)
Clinton (Dem.).......137,013 (28.42)
Perot (Ind.) ...........130,395 (27.04)
Gritz (Ind.)...............10,281

Dole (Rep.)..........256,595
Clinton (Dem.)......165,443 
Perot (Ref.)............62,518
Others (3+w/ins)......7,163
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